U-10 Division

Updated Tuesday September 29, 2015 by Todd Whitney.

At the U10 level of play, individual players begin to excel and drive towards excellence.  This level continues fundamental development of basic skills and incorporates advanced ball handling skills and a more comprehensive understanding of the laws of the game.  

The price for this division is $65.

8 & 9 year olds

Game Times:
2- 25 min halves
Breaks at 12.5 min of each half if heat is over 95 degrees
Unlimited Subs, When team has possession and not a Goal Kick. (Must let the ref know)

8v8 or 9v9

Field Size:
Length:  minimum 45 yards      maximum 65 yards
Width:   minimum 35 yards       maximum 45 yards

Goal Size:
6 x 12